It's common for product developers to look at improving today's solutions when they want to improve on a pet product. And it makes sense. It's easier and usually less expensive to improve existing ideas than it is to rethink the entire approach to pet care.

Kent Pet Group isn't common.

Our product development process seeks entirely new ways of solving the problems that get in the way of a more fulfilling life for people and their pets. Our scientific approach is built around three basic principles.

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Unlock the potential of sustainable ingredients

Our scientists search the world for renewable ingredients and explore how their unique properties can be applied in new ways.

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Leverage novel technologies to drive innovation

Our company invests in new and innovative technologies that enhance our ability to research, develop, manufacture and market our products.

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Employ smarter and more responsible manufacturing

We operate highly efficient, small-footprint facilities that are in close proximity to the sustainable ingredients that are used to make our products.


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