Celect better. Celect Ginger.

Highly Absorbent Cat Litter Upcycled from 99% Recycled Paper

Since 2007 Breeder Celect® has been providing homes with 99% recycled paper cat litter, that is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Founded in Australia, Breeder Celect® is highly absorbent with natural odor control, helping ensure your house smells clean and fresh. And because it's made from paper, water and air, it's soft and safe for both little and big paws. Look for Ginger on the pack. Celect better. Celect Ginger.

Available in 7 LB (3.18 kg) and 14 LB (6.35 kg) bags

Breeder Celect bag with cat

“I love that it's eco-friendly and biodegradable, and the bonus is it's flushable because it's just paper pellets.”

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Highly Absorbent

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Natural & Nontoxic

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Controls Odors

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Uniquely formulated –
from paper to pellets

Upcycled from 99% recycled material, Breeder Celect® cat litter is free from harmful chemicals and additives with low dust, natural odor control and high absorbency to keep your home fresh and clean.

  • Low dust
  • Soft and comfortable on paws
  • Natural and nontoxic
  • Pet, people and planet friendly
  • Highly absorbent
  • No harmful chemicals or additives
  • Controls odors naturally
  • Upcycled from 99% recycled material

Soft & safe for all paws

Breeder Celect® is a uniquely formulated pellet litter made from recycled paper and safe for all paws.

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